Friday, October 17, 2014

Starting Again

I've moved the blog to Project Spingirl. I'm hoping to be more consistent with it! See ya there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fifteen-Flower Wednesday!

Even though I haven't been posting regularly...okay, even though I haven't been posting at all, I'm still making flowers.
There are fifteen of those little beauties there, and more are cut out and safely tucked away in my little sewinig box.

I've been looking through books and magazines for pictures of old hexagon quilts. I'm still torn between setting these edge-to-edge, or putting light-colored hexagons between each flower. I did see a picture of a quilt that used dark setting "stones," so that's a possibility too. I'll do some layouts and take pictures to get a better idea of what I want to do.

As usual, you can pop over to Karen's blog for the links to other flower-makers.

I did some tidying up of my sidebar. I fixed the "ticker" for my 10,000 Hour Challenge and added a new button. Yep, I'm all about challenges lately, therefore the 250 Words a Day Challenge (the button links to the Inkygirl site for writers.) I think the original challenge was for 1000 words a day, but I have to start small! I may be able to bump it up to 500 and then 1000 words, but I'd rather have to do that than to start at 1000 and be so overwhelmed that I quit. A challenge isn't much good if it scares you right out of doing the thing you want to do! I'm working on a short story right now, so 250 words a day makes me feel like I'm making good progress.

At the moment, my biggest challenge seems to be enduring this stinkin' hot weather! What's your challenge du jour?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start-Over Sunday

Whoops, time slipped away from me there. I find that I really struggle during the summer. July and August find me in a funk, and I have to work my way out of it slowly.

I'm still working on my hexagons for the One-Flower Wednesdays; pictures will be coming this week. I've finished the Tour de Fleece, and though I didn't post in any of the threads on Ravelry, I did get done what I had hoped to.

Where I've really fallen down has been on violin practice, and I'm not sure why, exactly. I was really feeling good about the Challenge, and had been playing every day. Then suddenly...nothing. So I listened to some of my favorite violin pieces on my iPod last night, and I remembered why I want to play the violin.  So I've been playing today, and I'm determined to get some time in every single day.

The daily thing is what really makes a difference, I've found. After five days in a row, I could zip through the scales and etudes I'd been working on with very little effort. I found myself not having to read each and every single note on the page, something my teacher promised me would happen in time. She always likened it to reading words. We don't read by seeing each individual letter in each individual word--our brains have learned that when we see this set of three letters: CAT; we know what it says without having to think about how each letter sounds. As we improve as readers, we can read entire phrases in a glance. And that is what I find is happening as I play. I'm not reading each note--instead I see the phrases in the bars of music, and my muscles play them without my brain having to THINK about it. It's very very cool. And now I'm beginning to understand how professional soloists can play 45-minute long concertos from memory. It's still amazing, but I can see how they have to organize the music to memorize it in blocks instead of individual notes. Kind of like how we might memorize a poem stanza by stanza.

So it doesn't seem like much has been happening at Chez Spingirl, but I have the usual Project Pile going. I'll have pictures up as the week goes on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blooming Away!

More flowers!
I've seen so many pretty versions of this. If you look here, you'll find a list of blogs where you can see what other quilters are doing.
Check out the rest of Karen's blog, too--she has a number of great projects going. I'm especially interested in her "Dear Jane" quilt. Why? special reason...
 As you can see, I'm still going strong!
Now I'm finding that the hardest part is tracing around the plastic template for my sewing lines. I may have been better off using paper piecing after all!
Janet from Quiltsalott isn't doing the SAL as far as I know, but look how beautiful her flowers are! Her blog is one of my favorites. Australian quilters seem to have a different way of using color, and Janet's color sense and workmanship are extraordinary. I suspect the whole color thing has something to do with being able to look out the window and see this (scroll down to the last picture.) Or these. Or this (scroll again!) Honestly, it makes me feel like I live in the Land of Boring Creatures. All I usually see when I look out my window are grackles and sparrows amongst the crabgrass. Anyway, not to be all fangirly, but it's really worth it to read the whole blog from the start. She has everything--great pictures, great quilts, great tutorials, great recipes, even a few squee-worthy baby pictures!

Sometime soon I need to figure out exactly how many hexagon flowers I'll need for a quilt. Then again, maybe it's not something I need to know at the moment! I might be better off just letting the blooms pile up in their basket before I discover that I need 1500 of them (totally made-up number, BTW.) Oh dear. What if I run out of fabric?? (Exit Lisa, laughing hysterically...)